The infographic above shows the typical mindset of wealthy, successful people. There may be different versions but the most important thing is the context behind it.

A negative mindset that consumes a person is a critical weakness that could hamstring that person’s effectiveness. Resentment towards successful people and seeing their achievements as something dubious is an example of scarcity mindset. When you find yourself struggling to collaborate with others, it means you’re playing the zero-sum game, wherein you considers the other party’s gains as your losses.

When one values everyone, that person has an abundance mindset. A creative way of looking at it is creating another or a bigger pie instead of dividing the pie. This should explain that value and wealth just do not exist. They are created, and with generosity at that, because hoarding and limiting opportunities for others for one’s own gains won’t take anyone far.

Be generous with time, knowledge, and skills.