Filipino entrepreneurs sometimes need to apply for a business loan to meet their day-to-day goals while waiting for expected returns. It enables them to continue their operations and grow. There are, however, factors that must be considered before preparing and submitting one’s requirements. The most basic is the type of loan that would fit one’s needs.

First, we have the Working Capital Loan. This type of loan is ideal for those who have their DTI Registration Permit, Mayor’s Permit, and a valid primary government ID but has insufficient funds to start their business.

Second, we have the Revolving Capital Loan that is intended for financing a company’s continuing operations. It replenishes the fund that has been used for other purposes that is may have or may not have been foreseen.

Third is the Purchase Order Loan. This is for businesses to have goods available for distributing to clients, whom shall pay the amount due.

Lastly, we have the Sales Invoice Loan, which allows entrepreneurs to draw funds as they invoice trusted customers. ANDA.LI approves top 100 companies to borrow up to 100% of the value of the eligible receivables.

Here’s a simple image presentation of our business loan products.

To apply for a Business Loan, click here, or call our Customer Service landline to schedule an appointment with one of our Business Development Managers: 02 898 3889.